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Our History and Mission

A member-owned financial institution chartered December 15, 1950.

A credit union is defined as "a cooperative association organized to promote thrift among its members and accumulate a fund from these savings to make needed loans to members for useful purposes at reasonable interest rates." This was the theory that started Farmway Credit Union back in 1950 and still holds true today. We have expanded on our services since we first began, and have added three branch locations to help serve our growing number of members.

As its history illustrates, PEOPLE have directly attributed to the success of Farmway Credit Union. From that small group of pioneers with a new idea many years ago, to the men and women who have served as members of the board of directors, to the employees and staff of the four Farmway Credit Union locations, and, most of all, to the thousands of members who have shown their support by placing their trust in us over the years, PEOPLE have made Farmway Credit Union what it is today.

Our Mission Statement

Cultivate the financial well-being of our members by providing resources to achieve financial freedom.